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About Us

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Tim Harvey, CFA, CPA


Harvey Financial Management has provided financial services to institutions and individuals since 1999. 

The company currently manages approximately 115 investment portfolios totaling $33 million for clients residing in 13 states.

Business Model:

Unlike the vast majority of the retail investment industry, we operate on a fiduciary business model that is:

  • Typically far less expensive to the client;

  • Truly Independent -- we are not affiliated with any brokerage or financial institution;

  • Legally obligated to act in the client's best interest; and

  • Driven by experience, credentials, and education well beyond what you will typically find in retail brokerage firms.

We Offer:

  • Low-cost, commission-free, active and passive portfolios;

  • Personalized portfolios to match your tax situation, societal values, risk tolerance, and time horizon;

  • Retirement accounts;

  • Financial planning;

  • Tax-advantaged charitable giving structures;

  • Trust and estate services; and

  • Peace of mind!


The firm is based in Bozeman, Montana, and offers services nationwide. 

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